Saturday, September 21, 2013

Firefox मध्ये सेव्ह केलेला पासवर्ड कसा शोधाल

आपण जर रोज मेल्स चेक करण्यासाठी स्वतःचाच Laptop किवा Computer वापरत असाल तर
आपण आपले रोज लागणारे Passwords  सेव्ह करून ठेवतोदिवसेंदिवस असे करत असताना
काही Passwords आपण  विसरून जातो आणि कधी तरी जर दुस-या Laptop किवा Computer वर आपल्याला
Log in करायचे असेल तर आपल्याला हे सेव्ह केलेले  Passwords  शोधावे  लागतत. तेव्हा,
तुमचा firefox browser मध्ये सेव्ह केलेला पासवर्ड कसा शोधाल हे आपण पाहूया पुढील स्टेप्स मध्ये
स्टेप्स :
१.      Tools मेनू मध्ये जा.

२.      Option वर क्लिक करा.

३.      Security वर क्लिक करा. हे  कुलुपाच्या खुणेने दाखविलेले असेल.

४.      Saved Password  वर क्लिक करा.

५.      Show Password वर क्लिक करा.

६.      इथे आलेल्या Instruction  Box  मधील Yes वर करा

. तुमच्या Email ID  Passwords ची यादी दिसेल त्यातील योग्य तो Password शोधा.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

संस्कारांचा कित्ता

आजच्या प्रवाहात ओंडक्यासारखे वाहून चालणार नाही
संस्कारांचा कित्ता आपला तसाच गिरवून भागणार नाही |

नेहमी खरे बोलायचे शिकला असाल  
पण आजच्या जगाला ते पटणार नाही
किरकोळ खोटे तरी बोलायला हवे
त्याशिवाय हक्कच काय पण जीवसुद्धा वाचणार नाही |

आज्ञा पाळणे हेच कर्तव्य मानले असाल  
पण सोबतच्या माणसांनाच आज ते रुचणार नाही
काही आज्ञांना कानी पडूच द्यायचे नसते
असे नाही केले तर तुमचे अस्तित्वही कुणी जाणणार नाही |

'इथे तिथे' न पाहता नाकासमोर चालला असाल
नुसते सरळ चालून हा रस्ता कधी संपणार नाही
ज्याच्या समोर जातोय ते नाकही कधी खुपसावे लागते
त्याशिवाय ज्या गावी जायचेय ते नजरेसही पडणार नाही |

स्वतःलाही विसरून मदत करत हिंडला असाल
म्हणाल असे हिंडताना काटे कधी रुतणार नाही
पण काटा लागेल तेव्हा फक्त स्वतःचीच फुंकर असेल
कुणीच नसेल आजूबाजूस वा असूनही कुणी येणार नाही |

आजच्या प्रवाहात ओंडक्यासारखे वाहून चालणार नाही
संस्कारांचा कित्ता आपला तसाच गिरवून भागणार नाही |

- नम्रता

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Valley Crossing

            Valley Crossing is a sport activity. In expedition on mountain like Himalaya this activity is very useful.
 For example, there are number of valleys in the ranges of mountains, crossing those valleys only by walking is too much hard and time consuming. So to avoid this, 2-3 candidates cross the valley by walk, they fix 1 end of strong rope at another side of the valley and other end remains with the main group of people.  It saves the time of expedition.
          Such event (Valley Crossing) we can experience in Ratnagiri, Maharashtra (India) with the help of Ratnadurga Mountaineers. They arrange ' Valley Crossing' at Bhatye, Ratnagiri. At the height of 800ft they fix the rope & provide us joy of adventure. This you can watch in above video.
         (Ratnadurga Mountaineers is a group of Adventurous People who give the experience of various courageous activities just like trekking, rock climbing, rappelling, valley crossing, river crossing, camping, caving and many more.)

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Caving - Amazing Experience

           We watch many adventurous activities on TV, Internet on might be experience in different camps or such events. One of them Caving is the most thrilling adventurous activity, I have ever seen. We can watch caving on TV channels like Discovery, Nat-Geo or in Videos on Internet. While watching Caving sometime we think, Oh!, how can we take this experience. I thought the same when I watched the video of Caving on internet.
TS of cave
           My dream came true with the help of Ratnadurga Mountaineers in Ratnagiri. (Maharashtra, India). Ratnadurga Mountaineers is a group of Adventurous People who give the experience of various courageous activities just like trekking, rock climbing, rappelling, valley crossing, river crossing, camping, caving and many more.

Location of cave: At the bottom of ratnadurga fort near 'break water wall' (in Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, India) From Ratnagiri city we can easily get an auto rickshaw to fort.
The cave is 275 ft long closed tunnel as it has only single door (3ft x 6ft). In that cave there is 20 ft deep fresh water even if it is too close to ocean. Fish in the water are albino and blind. Sunlight never reaches there so eyes of fish are vanished. On the hanging portion of the cave we can see number of bats. Don't worry of them; they don't give any hazard to anyone. Don't be afraid of above points because total journey of this cave is very easy & so joyful with help of Ratnadurga Mountaineers. Everyone from the age of 6-7 years old can experiences the caving with is group.

My experience: We were distributed in the group of 6 people. 1st group means we enter the door of cave. Then we got down in the cave by crawling. We went in by keeping ourselves parallel to the ground. After 6-7 ft distance there was a portion where we can stand up. Then there was a rock, 6-7 ft in height. "How can I cross this rock?"  There was no another way to go further. We were scared. But volunteers of Ratnadurga Mountaineers guided us, how to climb that. I was hearing the echo of my friends who already crossed the rock. I climbed the rock. In that fully darken area light arrangement was made by that group. On the other side of rock there was a ladder to get down. After using that ladder I saw amazing scenery. Oh! My goodness!! That was like a site of fairy tales. Long and long tunnel, glittering water, blaze of different lights… wow… that was awesome… Then we were given the life jackets and float tubes for safety. There was a tough rope just over the water level. That rope is fixed from the main door to the end of the cave. We enter the water by holding the rope.  Volunteers were giving us instructions, 'how to go in forward direction'. We were shouting with joy and the cave was replying us by echo sound. After 15-20 mins we reached the end. There was sand & the end was closed. After clicking some snaps of that end, we returned. We gave back the floating accessories to the volunteers. We turned back to exit. We crossed again ladder – rock – crawling portion and finally we came out of that magical site. Next group was asking us about our experience, but every one of us was just speechless…!!!  

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Through The Alien's View

When we listen from past generations about their life, we can find many differences in our and their experiences. I just try to share my experiences in the following way.

Through The Alien's View
Alien told, "O my mother!"
I visited the earth but I am in wonder.
Which is the human over there?
Can you tell me O my mother?
Like my age, when you were…
You also visited the same or another?

I saw many buddies, who walk on 4 legs & fly in air,
Next I saw, who can run on 4 wheels as well as high wings flyer.  
Which is the human in them? He should walk on 2 legs.

I saw the creature, crest on his head and "cock cock" singer,
Pursuing another, it was upright but even crest carrier.
(Mother) U told me about humans, on the head they have hair.

At next place I saw a fellow, who was curved tailed and roadside sleeper.
There was another, didn't had tail but both (were) sleeping nearer.
Nobody should be human in them, because they always live in their home.

Then I saw 2 horrible buddies, had longest horns but foolish fighter.
Next I saw 2 more, who had 2 legs-hands but doing same thing there they were.
I think none was human in them, as he knows only love to spread.

Then I saw a cruelest critter, who killed his cub with a single roar.
Next I saw another sinner, who dressed n speaker but he killed the baby in the womb of mother.
He must not be human. Yes mother, I am dam sure!!

By listening all this, mother too fall in wonder.
"O my kid, please stop this all, don't tell me even anymore!!"
Your words are making me scared, how come it changed all over there.

- Namrata

एलियनच्या चष्म्यातून

एलियन सांगे आई  ला
आज पृथ्वी आलो पाहून
कुठला नक्की माणूस यात ? पुरता गेलो गोंधळून   …
माझ्याएवढी असताना तू ही आलीस तिथे जावून …
पृथ्वी आणि माणूस पाहून आनंदाने भारावून … 

अनेक सजीव दिसले चार पायांनी चालणारे, किंवा पंखांनी उडणारे 
पुढे वेगळेच जीव पाहिले, चार चाकांवर पळणारे, कधी पंखांना उडवणारे …
यातला कोण माणूस बरे ? त्याने तर दोन पायांनी चालावे ?

एक जीव दिसला, कॉक कॉक असे गाणारा अन डोक्यावर तुरा असणारा
मागून दुसरा त्याच्या, दोन हात- दोन पायांचा पण डोक्यावर तुरा जपणारा
माणसाच्या डोक्यावर तर केस हवे, तू तर तसेच सांगितले |

दुसरीकडे एक जीव होतावाकडी शेपटी अन रस्त्यावर पहुडलेला .
शेजारीच दुसरा जीव, शेपटी नव्हती त्याला, पण त्याच्याच बाजूला निजलेला
यातला कोणीच माणूस नसावा, तो तर घरात राहतो ना?

मग पाहिले मी दोन जीव, लांब लांब शिगांवाले, डोळे रक्ताळून उगा झुंजणारे
पुढे पाहिले दुसरे दोघे, हात-पाय अनउभारलेले, मात्र तसेच रक्ताळून तसेच झुंजणारे
यातले कुणीच माणूस नसावेतो तर वागतो ना प्रेमाने ?

दाट आयाळीचा पाहिला एक जीव, भयाण डरकाळी संगे आपल्याच पिल्लास मारणारा
नंतर पाहिला दुसरा, कपडे घालून बोलणारा पण पिल्लाला मात्र मादीच्या पोटातच मारणारा
हा नक्कीच माणूस नाही , मी म्हणतोय तेच  खर ना आई?

हे सारे ऐकून  आईच थक्क झाली, अरे बाबा मीच गोंधळून गेले. जरा थांब  म्हणाली
वर्णन तुझे ऐकून सारे, पुरती घाबरून गेले… असे नव्हते तिथे सारे, आता कसे बदलले ?
  - नम्रता